Your destiny is tied to God

destinyAs I write this I am thinking of all the times I have tried to impress others,times I have “sucked up” to people to try to have things turn in my favour; times I have laughed at a joke that was not funny all in the name of saving face with my seniors.

I look back and I realise how pathetic it was-actually how immature it was really. In those moments I forgot key scriptures-I forgot that when I have favour with God, I also have favour with man, I also forgot that the Spirit in me is greater than the one in the world, heck I even forgot that God is the one who establishes the work of my hands. One thing that my husband always reminds me of is the fact that if something is meant for me-that if God wants to give me something-I won’t need to do anything to get it because it has my name written on it. I don’t need to convince anyone to give me something that rightfully belongs to me. So,with that said-why do we do it? We do it because we FORGET our identity in Christ. We do it because we don’t STRENGTHEN the word of God in our lives. We do it because we are fearful about losing the things we hope to have. Allow me to elaborate on each one. How do we forget our identity in Christ? We listen to the things that contradict the Word of God.  We believe more in our current realities than in the realities of heaven. It’s harder to believe for something when you don’t have an immediate need fulfilled. The flesh reminds you that you need money to pay your rent or bond-instead of praying and strengthening ourselves in the word-we worry. We forget to remind ourselves about our identity in Christ-we forget about the promises of God and so fall into the trap of people-pleasing and fear to meet our needs. That which controls you has power over you-what controls you? Secondly we don’t strengthen ourselves in the Word. We are not of this world,the Word says, so if we aren’t of this world we need to keep ourselves updated of the world we come from-if we don’t do that we begin to forget the ways of our world and adopt the ways of this world. The Word,not only updates us, but it feeds our souls;also the word does more-it strengthens us by reminding us of Gods promises and his faithfulness. When we don’t read the word and meditate on it we wither-we accept things that sound like the truth but aren’t the truth-we adopt foreign ways,we embrace our current reality. Lastly,we are fearful about losing the things we hope to have. We live in a world that is very superficial and materialistic. Success is  defined by what you have and who you are wearing and what you are driving. Most of our desires come from what we see on billboards,social media and our friends. We live in a world were we are told that to fit in and be noticed you must have certain things. Fear enters when we realise that we aren’t very close to attaining those things,we become hopeless because we realise that God’s way is taking to long-or it’s not even moving at all. We succumb to the pressures around us and allow the flesh and fear to drive us to attaining our social standing. What’s sad about the flesh is that it knows no bounds-it drives us to discontentment in our lives,it drives us to minimise and even nullify the existence and magnitude of God. How does one stop this cycle-the word says that we must pray in all seasons-that means in good and bad times,PRAY! Prayer elevates us to embrace the Spirit instead of the flesh, prayer reminds us of our purpose and existence, prayer reminds us of our identity. Prayer reminds us to walk in faith and not in fear. I urge you to rethink your life, rethink your position and oppose what your reality is saying to you by countering it with the word. God does not lie-he is faithful to see us prosper. He only thinks good things about us. Take heart and walk by faith. You are the beloved of the Lord


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