It’s hard to let go.

We have read countless quotes and posts about letting go, but one still struggles to do it. Honestly, letting go is one of the hardest things any human has to go through, it feels like mourning, it feels like your heart is being ripped apart-it feels like death itself.

I have had to let go of many people in my life, I had to let them go because my peace and contentment began to revolve around them. Ever been in a relationship that drains you but because you have invested so much in it,staying becomes a better option; actually, staying becomes the only option because the thought of letting go brings about dreadful thoughts of loneliness and despair?

Here is my speculations on the reasons why we struggle to let people go:

We have become to accustomed to having that person around. It’s hard to imagine starting a new friendship if you have spent 10 years investing in this one; yes, the person is toxic, but rather the devil you know right? But then again the devil is the devil.

They form a part of our identity. It’s hard to let someone go when that person has formed a part of who you are, they have moulded you to think a certain way, they have influenced your perceptions on life and they have even influenced you to view yourself a certain way.

Maybe I am a failure. Letting go of people can be perceived as a sign of failure to some. You start off with 5 friends and now you are left with 1, that can erode anyone’s self-esteem. One might start thinking that the problem is with themselves or that they don’t deserve to have friends because they always fail. The problem with this perception is that when the right friendship or relationship comes along, because of the past hurts you are battling with, it may hinder your progress with the current friendship.

The key thing to remember is that when your spirit tells you to let go-chances are you need to let go. Toxic people are poisonous for your soul and your perspective, they feed the way you perceive things and create feelings of inadequacy.

Other times one needs to let go in order to grow! You cant be stuck with people who enjoy superficial conversation when you are busy dissecting hard questions about life. If you want to frustrate them and yourself, stick around and before you know it the tension will be thick enough to drain you.

Letting go is a sign of maturity, it means you are willing to move out of your comfort zone, to challenge yourself to meet new people and to even be challenged about your perceptions on life. Letting go is an opportunity to explore new avenues in life, learn new things about others and yourself!

Let go of the things and people who don’t build you up!

Let go of the thoughts and lies that keep plundering your joy!

Mostly, let go of the prisons that you have created that are keeping your mind captive!

Live, be free and let go!

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2 thoughts on “It’s hard to let go.

  1. ‘Letting go’ of your children is so much different than ‘letting go’ of friends or acquaintances. You expect to donut with your kids, it’s part of their evolution. But with people that you expect to have in your life for a long time as trustees or confidants, it’s difficult. But it can be done. That’s what’s tough about Facebook when you need to separate for your own well being. But you know when you made the right decision.

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