Awaiting the appointed time


There is nothing more beautiful than watching things manifest over your life at their appointed time ; knowing that God saw that moment for you and allowed all that you had hoped for to manifest in that time.

People have asked me,  when are you having children of your own. It’s not a sinister question but in my heart I’m thinking I don’t even think you know how much I’m anticipating having them. It’s not that they can’t be conceived, it’s just that it’s not the appointed time.

The beauty of waiting is that you can plan, you can hope and dream.

I have dreamt of holding my children more now that I have ever before, this shows me that we are drawing nearer to having them.

I’m reminded of Abraham,  God told him when he would have his son. I can imagine how for many years Abraham dreamt of holding his son, how he imagined how he would  teach him many things – including loving the Lord fiercely. I can imagine how he longed to see him grow up and continue the legacy he started. Abraham may have gotten to a point whereby be felt like this won’t happen for me anymore – we see how he even considers giving his inheritance to his servant, he honestly thought being a father was not the plan God had for his life. But God had another plan,  God rekindled his dream and allowed him to plan for his son again, he allowed him to hope for a child again.

Maybe you are reading this and you are asking God when, maybe you have given up already, maybe you have grown so tired of holding an imaginary baby in your hands and you are saying God, this is enough torture!

I’m here to encourage you to hold onto that baby, hold onto that dream.  Press directly into God’s face and tell him that your aren’t leaving until he blesses you.

I have planned for my children, I know their names,  I know their traits already,  the beauty of faith is that you see things that haven’t manifested in the physical yet,  you can touch things that others can’t see,  you plan and move as if those things are there already!

Big dreams require active faith! Your faith may be the size of a granule of sand, but are your actions accompanying that faith? Trusting God requires you to put your hope in him, there is no point saying you are waiting on the Lord when you already have a plan B, you may find you have more hope in plan B working out than trusting God to pull through for you.

You may say- it’s easy to have a child- it most certainly is, HOWEVER-is the time appointed? Hope means that I trust in someone greater than I am for what is best for my life, hope is removing yourself from the equation in order to put God in the centre, hope means I give all my strength in trying things on my own and instead I put my faith in Jesus. Who is your hope? Are you not tired of seeing things fail in front of your eyes?

I am eagerly awaiting my appointed time because I have faith in a God who never disappoints, my hope is in a God who has never failed me- I would rather wait for his promises to manifest in my life than to try things on my own outside of his grace.

I believe in waiting, I have seen the benefits of waiting upon the Lord. I have seen many breakthroughs over my life as a result of waiting upon the Lord.

You might ask “what do you do whilst waiting?”

I jot down all my requests to the Lord in a book called my Faithbook. Let me let you in on this book. So I started this book whilst waiting for the promises of God to manifest in my life. I started writing everything I was trusting God for. Some of the things I had hoped for manifested 3 years after I wrote them down-does that mean God was late? No! It means that was the appointed time-God saw it fit for me to receive those blessings physically then. Habbakuk 2 tells us to write the vision down as it will manifest at an appointed time! See, you have got to catch the time beloved, you have got to align yourself with God’s timing.

Another thing I do is I plan my life as if what I am hoping for has already manifested. My husband taught me this spiritual tool. My husband was putting his faith out to get a new phone-needless to say he got it, but the way he exercised his faith muscle to get that phone was really awesome, he would YouTube reviews about this phone, he read every possible article about this phone, he thanked God for this phone, he would go into cellphone shops and hold the phone as if it was his already, he would come home and tell me about all the specifications-he lived as if it was there already. There are so many examples I could give you but this one is more ,meaningful and funny because there was a time I thought he has lost his mind-you see, faith doesn’t make sense-faith will make you aspire for things your bank account screams “IMPOSSIBLE.”

I also praise God whilst waiting. It’s so beautiful to praise God whilst waiting for a breakthrough, it’s such an exhilarating feeling knowing that he will come through for you-its beautiful knowing that he takes pleasure and delight in knowing that you are relying on him completely. Praise allows you to take the focus off yourself-it allows you to truly worship God for who he is and not just for what he can give you, it draws you closer to him in a special way.

I share with others what my hopes are  (when the Spirit leads) -this is me exercising my faith muscle right now! I am letting you in on a glimpse of what I am trusting God for-needless to say-2 people have confirmed what I am trusting God for, this encourages me to wait further for his appointed time, because I know he will give me the best.

My favourite scripture at the moment is Phillipians 4:6 : Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present you requests to God.

The beauty about waiting is the peace-the peace that transcends all understanding, the peace that says- be still and know that I am God

I have a testimony in waiting in which I will share the beautiful things God has done and is still doing in my season of waiting.

You know what- you can have that testimony too- all it takes is you ceasing to trust in yourself and instead to put your hope in Jesus-he never fails.


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