Do you trust Him?


Today I woke up with an urgency to go to church. I felt like God had something he wanted me to do, I just had an expectation of him.


It was a different Sunday service, we submitted ourselves to the Holy Spirit and decided to intercede before the service started, and one of the prayer points this morning was specifically for the worship team-that they may be completely dependent on the Lord, that they may worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, that they may give all the glory to the Lord. Beloved- I believed that Jesus was before us this morning, that he was hearing every word we spoke, that our prayers were like incense before him- a sweet aroma in his throneroom.


As we were worshipping, a man came into the church, he pointed at the drums, I can’t begin to describe the boldness he came in with, he walked in as if he was sent. I looked at him and had peace, I pointed at him to go play and the way he played was not for us to glorify him, he was so lost in the presence of God, it’s like he was seeing Jesus before him and he was playing with everything he had. The worship team ushered us into his presence, you could almost feel God today. He spoke so tangibly.


He gave me a word, and I knew I had to act, that I had to give it to the person he showed me.


What God hadn’t told me was that the person he was sending me to give him the word was already expecting a word from someone, God told him to wait as his word was coming to him. The person was instructed to wait.


Friend, don’t ever delay when God tells you to give a word to someone. You don’t know what God is about to do in that person’s life-you don’t know what work he is doing in that person’s life.


The person was expectant beloved, you see the thing about God is that he never lies to us, he is trustworthy, he knows that his word will do what it was purposed to do.


I arrived and the person told me how God had already started to speak to them, how God was preparing them. Friend, as we prayed there was a heaviness in my heart-the heaviness was that in as much as the person was prepared for the word, they were not prepared for the miracle that God had for them. I weeped friend, I weeped because I could feel the Lord’s heart, I felt how much unbelief breaks his heart, I felt how disappointed he gets when we don’t trust in Him.


Beloved, my request to you is this- repent of unbelief, repent of depending on yourself, repent of trusting in God half-heartedly, rather pray that he strengthens your faith, rather be transparent before the Lord than lie about your heart condition.


My hope for you is that you may know that Jesus is real: his promises are real, his love is real, he is ever faithful, there is no lie in Him. Will you trust in Him with everything, will you stand before him with open arms and an open heart? He is waiting for you to believe Him wholeheartedly.


Pray knowing that it is done.

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