Loneliness: a void so deep…who can fill it


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I was watching a documentary on Michael Jackson recently and it essentially documented his life and struggles. The part that touched me so deeply was how lonely this man was. Some people saw him like a god-he was worshiped,loved and praised but in all that he had one thing that plagued him deeply-loneliness.

No matter how much money you have, there is no ailment for this condition. Loneliness can erode one’s perspective and the reason I say this is because of the choices I and so many people have made.

I recently met a lady who was lamenting the years she lost after being in a relationship that yielded pain and hurt-I looked into her eyes and I saw disfigurement-brokenness. I questioned myself after hearing her story and I thought to myself -what would make a person stay in such a relationship if she saw what it was doing to her-and I realised that it was the fear of loneliness, she chose to stay because being apart from him scared her so much so that she took whatever abuse was hurled at her.

The thing about loneliness is how it creeps into your soul, one moment you are joyous and ecstatic and in a split second-you have this severe depression and longing-sometimes you don’t know what you are longing for but this overwhelming feeling of sadness overtakes you and you start yearning for someone to share life with; loneliness can drive you to settle for just about anybody because of that need for companionship and love.

Loneliness is scary because it can lead us to make wrong decisions to try and fill a void that may have been there for many years.

I remember how loneliness drove me into a deep depression, so much so that I stopped attending lectures at varsity and I took on an identity that was never mine-I started to listen to the voice of the enemy that told me that I am ugly, that no one will want to marry me, that I wasn’t worthy of anyone’s love and affection. I remember how broken I became because I had listened to these voices-I remember how lonely I was because by listening to these voices I drove myself into isolation.

Beloved in that moment-only Jesus could get me out, and he did!

I remember how tears became my prayer because words stung my heart too much to be uttered. I recall asking God if this is all I am worth-if my value was reduced to nothing, if I was born to be alone. Just writing this I can feel the raw pain that I felt on that day.

I don’t know where you are at in your life, I don’t know what the enemy has said to you; but I do know of a God so great who overcame all the hurt and pain in this world and his name is Jesus. Jesus honestly filled the void that no man could ever fill. Jesus continues to pour out a love so strong on me that in the times that I choose to be alone-I never feel lonely.

Maybe you are hoping to feel alive again,maybe you are hoping to feel loved again-I don’t know; but what I do know is that you matter so much to God and he will heal those wounds and he will fill that loneliness.

Turn to him, his arms are always open.

(Romans 10: 9-11)



5 thoughts on “Loneliness: a void so deep…who can fill it

  1. Fear of being alone and loneliness is ultimately what keeps many people in bad or even abusive relationships. Because the worst tormentor of all is often your own mind.


    1. Hey Savanah, so true hey. That’s why we shouldn’t judge people in those relationships in my own opinion because you never know what they have to overcome within themselves to leave the abuser behind. Thanks for reading my post.

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      1. I’ve been in that situation and I would never ever judge someone for being unable to walk away. Often we fear being alone more than being in an abusive situation, especially if we are the kind of people who find it so difficult to be alone (or even impossible)

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  2. I’m so grateful for this scripture. I think my biggest excuse was : what if I’m the one who changes him. But you told me that I can’t change people, only Jesus can. And as much as I see all the disfunction in the oppressor/abuser, i need to realize that I have distinctions as well to have stayed THIS long. This article has helped me hear Jesus. His love changes hearts and it will change mine, walking away is sometimes the greatest cycle breaker and help you’ve always needed. It’s scary, but I’m not afraid. It’s hard but somehow I’m not sad , it’s unfair but I’m grateful. Im gonna do it anyway, because I don’t need to fear. “What can separate us from the love of Christ?”

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    1. This comment is so deep because sometimes God has to speak to us in His own way in order for us to truly hear what we’ve been loving to hear our whole lives. It didn’t mean God wasn’t talking the whole time, it just means we’ve now chosen to listen.


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