The problem with not believing in yourself

I encounter many people in my day-day life and one of the things I come across is people who have a self-esteem issues.

We all have issues, the problem is when those issues hinder you from doing the work that you have been called to do. I have met people who were called by God to do great work but they have been running away-not because they don’t know that they are called-simply because they see themselves incapable of doing the work.

“wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

Marilyn Munroe

I struggled with self-esteem issues for a long time-I struggle to remember a time when they didn’t feature. I remember that many leadership positions and opportunities were missed because I considered myself inadequate. I look back and I am grateful that I missed them-I think if I had gotten them I would have never dealt with the root issue of my problem – inadequacy.

Inadequacy! What a word-what an even overwhelming emotion.

Inadequacy when it isn’t dealt with leads to resentment. You end up resenting people that you feel make you insecure and the sad thing is that it leads to stunted growth-you never grow because you end up believing that you are not good enough for a certain position.

I have had moments of not believing in myself even though God would’ve qualified me for a certain situation. I remember reading Gideon’s story with new-found appreciation. Here was a man who grew up under oppression, was the least in his tribe and grew up hiding away from not just the enemy that surrounded him but hid away from the potential God invested in him. Gideon was so broken that even when God called him a man of valour he tested God’s word so many times so that he could feel validated as a person. Shuuu, it brings tears to my eyes because I was there! I was in that place of feeling so insignificant that I began to not only hide from my purpose but I began to hide from God.

How did I overcome this you might ask?

I owned the fact that I didn’t believe in myself-I stopped hiding away from that and I owned it.

I also confessed that I need the Lord to set me free from that stronghold-no matter how much praise I would get I still felt insignificant and Holy Spirit opened my eyes that I needed to be set free from this lie.

I affirmed myself using God’s Word and I spoke and meditated on it (I still do).

I removed myself from toxic environments and people who brought this emotion about in me.

It’s a struggle still but I can wake up each day and believe in the purpose that the Lord has instilled in me. I know that it is by His grace and strength that I overcome every stronghold that tries to attack my mind and essentially peace.

God has qualified you beloved-yes, you may have been overlooked in life, you may have failed at some things in life-but that doesn’t take away the purpose that resides within you.

Make up your mind today to believe in Christ-every insecurity was nailed with him on the cross-he calls you victorious and an overcomer!

Choose to believe the TRUTH!

The truth will set you free

John 8:32

Choose Life

Choose to walk in the beautiful destiny set before you.



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I struggle to understand why we hurt ourselves so much by doing this-forcing people to like us.  I want you to take the time to think about someone you dislike, is there ANYTHING that person can do to make you like them? Chances are…nothing right? Then why bother trying to be liked by someone who dislikes you?

We spend energy, time, and sometimes money impressing people who really don’t get moved by our presence. Think about that, their lives don’t get moved by your presence-meaning they don’t even acknowledge your existence! They really don’t care about you-but there you are breaking your back forcing yourself to be liked when essentially-you aren’t!

Let me ask you again, why do you bother?

You bother because you want affirmation: you want to be acknowledged by them, they hold some power over your life and you want to feel accepted, loved and normal. Someone out there holds your value in their hands because you have given your value over to them.

 What if someone valued you so much that they weren’t moved by your mistakes or any flaws that form who you are?

Thing is beloved you already ARE loved, you already ARE accepted and most of all Jesus doesn’t even want anything in return. You are loved unconditionally, no river is too wide, ocean too deep, mountain too high to express the depth, height, and width that is found in God’s love.

If you are cheapening yourself by thinking that you can buy acceptance then you are living a lie. Emotions can’t be bought, they are felt.Love cannot be expressed only- it is experienced.

When people love you their actions will demonstrate what’s in their hearts.

STOP focusing on people who are blocking your progression, if someone doesn’t like you, please send them off with a a basket full of goodies for their journey, why be bitter when they are creating space for a truckload of blessings?

Get to a point in your life whereby people’s departure out of your life doesn’t cause you to have a breakdown.

Always assess, if you did all you could and were not at fault-PLEASE open the front door FOR THEM and wish them well.

Let go of what needs to go and embrace what is coming to bless you.

You are enough
You are loved
You are priceless, treat yourself as such

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When Disaster Strikes: Liz’s Story

Have you ever declared something to the Lord and were so convicted in your declaration, only for God to turn around and test the very words you spoke to him?

Monday evening was one of those moments for us. Our good friend Liz from Dubai came through to visit us and we had an awesome time with her- it was so awesome we sealed it with a soaking night. We soaked in the presence of the Lord, prayed, worshiped and declared his love for us; little did we know that God had an assignment for Liz-an assignment of faith! Friends, we felt the anointing move that night-at one point Liz was so convicted by the Holy Spirit that she declared that no rock will take her place in worshiping the Lord! She was so lost in God’s presence.

In that moment all we knew was that God loves us, all we knew was that we matter to God. All we knew was that we were shielded and protected by Jesus.

We all encouraged each other with scriptures and just gave thanks to the Lord for who he is in our lives, we proclaimed his protection over us and wished each other a good night, sounds uneventful right? Sounds pretty normal.

Then, disaster stuck…

We could hear Liz crying and Sipho-our friend, told us that there is a fire at that very moment that is consuming the building she resides in. in Dubai.

burning tower

We were confused- I mean, just a couple of minutes ago we prayed the right prayers, we sang praises to God- we did the right thing! We honestly didn’t understand how a disaster like this could happen-the anguish and helplessness we felt was overwhelming friends, we honestly didn’t have words to say to Liz – I mean what do you say when someone’s efforts,time and money have gone up in flames? What do you say when someone’s credentials and certificates are caught in a blazing inferno? How do you begin to bring comfort in such a heated situation when you have all your possessions and someone else is faced with having theirs in flames? We sat for what seemed like eternity,speechless.


Let me tell you something-the situation was hopeless friends, the situation was honestly hopeless, to top it off we saw the article on GulfNews and watched the video of the chaos-I mean if there was ever a time to seal a fate it was that!

But God!

In that moment Wayne, Sipho and I just said: “No!” We refused to submit ourselves to that situation, we refused to entertain the reality before us and we just said NO! Friends, in that moment I honestly thought that Liz was about to resent us- I mean, the last thing anyone needs when going through something is for someone to say : “maybe ,just maybe your things are ok.” The last thing anyone needs in that situation is people who seemingly aren’t sympathetic towards your situation. We continued fighting for our beloved friend, we encouraged her to stand in faith with us-she was reluctant at first but let me tell you something about the peace of God-it transcends ALL understanding.

Friends-that building was on fire, we saw the flames engulf it, we heard the cries of desperation and hopelessness of the victims affected by this BUT we refused, deep down we refused to believe that. We prayed fervently, we declared the promises of God over that situation-we even spoke life into the testimony that she will have.

We trusted that in the same way that God protected the Israelites during the Passover since they had the blood of the lamb on their doors-we believed that God was able to do the same miracle by allowing that fire to consume everything else except Liz’s apartment! We believed with all out strength in this Almighty God that He is able to overcome an inferno. We believed that nothing will touch his anointed ones, that deathly situations will not come upon us, that we will be spared!

God was quiet.

Friends-in that bone-crunching moment, God was quiet! You know what, God is far beyond my comprehension to explain, all we had was peace. His grace was sufficient.

Liz finally arose and she said that God had asked her a couple of months ago if she would still praise Him if he took everything away from her-even in her saying that-we still believed that God would save her possessions.

The fire continued and we slept knowing-please look at that word-KNOWING that all is well.

We woke up the following day to a picture that her friend sent her showing her how her apartment block looked like-with the words, “Sorry friend.” Even with those images sent-we still refused, we still fought back and held onto who God is-we still refused to bow down to that situation.


My faith has never failed me, it had nothing to do with proving anyone wrong-in that moment all we knew was that ALL things are possible with God, in that moment all we knew was that we have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony-all we knew was that our faith has touched Jesus and he was working this situation for our good. We didn’t care about the images-we submitted ourselves to the image written in our spirit whom we know-Jesus.

What came later on that day was not just news, it was a testimony of the faithfulness of the God we serve. Liz’s agent told her that her apartment was not touched by the fire!

Please read this carefully-her apartment was not touched by the fire. The Lord God Almighty, the Lord strong in battle, the Lion of Judah, the Rock of Ages drew a line and her half of the building was not touched!

burnt 3

Friends I need you to know something- Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only life. The Lord is jealous over the ones he loves. Faith moves God.

Our faith moved God-like Peter we stepped out of our reality and stepped into our spiritual reality. We got out of the boat of desperation, the boat of hopelessness, the boat of despair and we walked on the possibility that lay before us-we focused our eyes on the reality we know-Jesus.

ALL things are possible for those who believe.

Your situation can change if only YOU believe.


God has not forgotten YOU!

Ever felt forgotten by God? Felt like your prayers are reaching the ceiling? Maybe you feel like praying, but when you get to your prayer room – you feel helpless, you feel like what’s the point!

Maybe you have been praying for many years for change in your life, you see your peers advancing however you feel stuck, like you are still in the same position. Maybe you have tried everything you know how- you have prayed,fasted faithfully but you are still in this dry place whereby you feel like everyone else is prospering around you but you are left behind.

I can understand the anguish you feel because I was there. I know the overwhelming feeling of depression that envelopes you-that feeling of utter helplessness. You want to pray but only tears come, you try to sing but no words come out-only shouts of frustration. I know that feeling of bitterness that tries to creep in – the anger you start to feel towards the Lord.

To make matters worse, just when you feel like you have gotten yourself together, someone comes and exclaims how far they are in life and how they are surprised that  you are still in the same place. I remember a time when someone I knew said to me after they graduated : ” you are STILL studying? Anyway, don’t worry- I will be ‘sponsoring’ your bus tickets from now on.” That sarcastic statement is still a wound to me because that was the first time in my life I felt a sense of despair, I felt numb because I was always wondering if I was going to finish my degree, it was tough and at times I was filled with self-doubt, always wondering if I was going to pass and then just when I had gathered  myself together, someone comes and knocks that little bit of confidence down.

I want to tell you something- you will make it, you will succeed, you will move out of this wilderness. What you don’t understand about this season is the training that you are receiving. You are being trained to develop thick-skin, you are being trained to rely solely on God, you are being trained to trust God more! Your reality may scream that things are hopeless right now, your reality may tell you that you are useless, that you are nothing, that you are a failure BUT this is a test my dear friend to arm yourself.

Some of us don’t know that we are in a battle- a battle for our minds, joy and ultimately soul! Whether you like it or not-someone is fighting you- it’s time that you caught up with the times and started to fight! The thing though about this fight is that you don’t fight the way everyone does by throwing punches or hurling insults-no! You fight by wearing your spiritual armour (Ephesians 6). You fight by declaring the word over your situation, you fight by singing praises to God. You fight through prayer- if you can’t pray- ask someone to pray with you or for you. You fight by reading the word of God and seeing what he says about your situation.

Whenever you feel helpless and hopeless it means that your enemy has punched you to the point whereby you can’t get up, every time you try to get up you feel weaker than when you were down! The enemy doesn’t want you to get up, he will continuously punch you down until you tap out- tap out from God’s presence, tap out from his love, tap out from trusting him again, tap out from worshiping him.

Stop fighting the devil in your own strength, stop trying to rely on your yourself! You have a God who wants to help you, He wants to see you get out of this wilderness, He wants to walk with you, fight for you and continue showering his love on you! Trust in Him to do that, trust the Lord’s heart for your cause.

You are not a failure!

You are not forgotten

God has your name written on the palm of his hand (Isaiah 49:16)

Stay strong, your testimony is coming!


Your destiny is tied to God

destinyAs I write this I am thinking of all the times I have tried to impress others,times I have “sucked up” to people to try to have things turn in my favour; times I have laughed at a joke that was not funny all in the name of saving face with my seniors.

I look back and I realise how pathetic it was-actually how immature it was really. In those moments I forgot key scriptures-I forgot that when I have favour with God, I also have favour with man, I also forgot that the Spirit in me is greater than the one in the world, heck I even forgot that God is the one who establishes the work of my hands. One thing that my husband always reminds me of is the fact that if something is meant for me-that if God wants to give me something-I won’t need to do anything to get it because it has my name written on it. I don’t need to convince anyone to give me something that rightfully belongs to me. So,with that said-why do we do it? We do it because we FORGET our identity in Christ. We do it because we don’t STRENGTHEN the word of God in our lives. We do it because we are fearful about losing the things we hope to have. Allow me to elaborate on each one. How do we forget our identity in Christ? We listen to the things that contradict the Word of God.  We believe more in our current realities than in the realities of heaven. It’s harder to believe for something when you don’t have an immediate need fulfilled. The flesh reminds you that you need money to pay your rent or bond-instead of praying and strengthening ourselves in the word-we worry. We forget to remind ourselves about our identity in Christ-we forget about the promises of God and so fall into the trap of people-pleasing and fear to meet our needs. That which controls you has power over you-what controls you? Secondly we don’t strengthen ourselves in the Word. We are not of this world,the Word says, so if we aren’t of this world we need to keep ourselves updated of the world we come from-if we don’t do that we begin to forget the ways of our world and adopt the ways of this world. The Word,not only updates us, but it feeds our souls;also the word does more-it strengthens us by reminding us of Gods promises and his faithfulness. When we don’t read the word and meditate on it we wither-we accept things that sound like the truth but aren’t the truth-we adopt foreign ways,we embrace our current reality. Lastly,we are fearful about losing the things we hope to have. We live in a world that is very superficial and materialistic. Success is  defined by what you have and who you are wearing and what you are driving. Most of our desires come from what we see on billboards,social media and our friends. We live in a world were we are told that to fit in and be noticed you must have certain things. Fear enters when we realise that we aren’t very close to attaining those things,we become hopeless because we realise that God’s way is taking to long-or it’s not even moving at all. We succumb to the pressures around us and allow the flesh and fear to drive us to attaining our social standing. What’s sad about the flesh is that it knows no bounds-it drives us to discontentment in our lives,it drives us to minimise and even nullify the existence and magnitude of God. How does one stop this cycle-the word says that we must pray in all seasons-that means in good and bad times,PRAY! Prayer elevates us to embrace the Spirit instead of the flesh, prayer reminds us of our purpose and existence, prayer reminds us of our identity. Prayer reminds us to walk in faith and not in fear. I urge you to rethink your life, rethink your position and oppose what your reality is saying to you by countering it with the word. God does not lie-he is faithful to see us prosper. He only thinks good things about us. Take heart and walk by faith. You are the beloved of the Lord