When we exclude God from our relationship

Image result for wrong relationshipI am meeting people who are in relationships that God did not send them to be in. I am meeting people who are miserable in their marriages-they had this idea that marriage was going to be a dream, effortless and instant.

Marriage with the right person is a dream, our problem is that we are becoming an impatient generation- we assess people by having our own check boxes that must be ticked off to fulfill our criteria , we claim to have consulted God but we find that the person we chose fulfills the whole checklist except being grounded in God. We are okay with dating and even marrying people who are not saved, we are okay with sidelining God in the dating process and wonder when the marriage doesn’t work out why God would lead us into that relationship.

The beautiful character of God is that he will never override your decision, we instead choose to be with people who are abusive, we choose to be with people who don’t fulfill their promises to us by allowing them to  strip us of our dignity for a moment’s pleasure.

Marriage is becoming like a drive-through, people want their needs fulfilled at no consideration of the other person; when their needs aren’t fulfilled they go outside and find someone else to fulfill their needs and forget about their vows. Vows don’t mean anything anymore-being bound by your words has no standing anymore.

You might ask- “when did we become like this?”

We became like this the moment we chose to remove God from our decision-making, we became like this the moment we sidelined God in our lives; some of us box God in and expect him to work in every area of our lives except our relationship life-we purposefully exclude God and wonder why that area is failing.

The people who I have spoken to whose relationships didn’t work out say that they suspected that the people they were with were not authentic, most say they knew, but they hoped for change.  I am seeing a pattern being formed-most people knew that the person they were with was not the real deal-so my question then is – why be with someone who God has warned you to stay away from? Why proceed into getting into a spiritual union knowing fully well that this person isn’t the one for you?

God has shown me that I too am not different from the people I am talking about in the above paragraph- I too chose to be with people who God had told me to stay away from and I too made mistakes by thinking that I could change the people I dated to become someone I wanted. God also showed me that the way I was so deceived I even thought that by dragging someone to the altar to receive the Lord Jesus into their lives would lead to all the tick boxes being fulfilled when in actual fact I hadn’t even discerned their heart (and mine) was not even centred on the Lord.

We choose people based on outwardly appearances- we go after the shine and not the heart, we go after the status and not the character, we go after the feelings and neglect the warning signs, we run after how great our Instagram and Facebook feed will look with them instead of chasing after the wisdom of God in discerning their motives. We trade our souls to become the envy of the world, we relentlessly pursue someone who beats us up-physically and emotionally because we believe that we are more valuable as people when we are with them-forgetting about the one true love that relentlessly pursues us even when we willfully walk away to pursue what breaks us.

Beloved, you don’t deserve heartache and abuse. You don’t deserve to be someone’s second-best when God has made you his first choice. My hope for you is to turn to God for help, run back into the arms of your first love-trust Him to lead and guide you again by submitting to his will. The things of God may appear to take time but his timing is purposeful, his timing is perfect.

Only God changes people, only God can tough people;s hearts to be completely transformed.

Hear the Lord’s voice today and make the necessary changes.

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Loving someone who doesn’t love you


There is nothing more painful in this world than knowing that you love someone dearly, but they don’t love you back. There is no higher form of rejection than that kind. I don’t know if you have seen children playing and one comes with toys to also join in-and the others just all pack up and leave that child behind. It stabs at your heart just witnessing it-now imagine what it does to that child’s heart-it’s a break in the heart that no amount of reassurance can mend.

I know what it feels like to love someone who doesn’t love you back; I’ve been there.

You feel like something is wrong with you, you feel like you are not enough-inadequate in every sense of the word. The sad thing is that comparisons start to creep in and you feel like someone else would be better for that person , you feel like maybe if you were smarter, better looking that person would love you back. I have witnessed people change who they were to try and be loved, I once heard one woman say : “he loves blondes-so I will dye my hair blonde and have long hair if that’s what it takes to keep him.”

Beloved-that statement crushed my heart because every single day this person hopes and prays that one day they will be noticed, they will be affirmed, they will be valued-they will be loved. but that day never comes! You start living in this false hope that this person will change, you even start making excuses for them as to why they can’t love you the way you deserve to be loved.

My question is- how did you even value yourself less to be stuck in a situation like that? How did you look down on yourself to find yourself so dependent on another human to validate your being? Do you honestly believe that you can’t be loved? Do you honestly believe that there isn’t someone in this world who can understand and value all of you?

I look back now and realise that I had traded in unconditional love for superficiality. I traded in my value to become a replica of someone else so that I could experience love-yes beloved, I became that desperate once in my life. I became that desperate because in all honestly I didn’t see what my value was as a person, I needed someone else to see that in me.

This made me realise that Jesus goes through this with us everyday-He waits, he knocks, He waits again but in all that , he loves us even when we say :”not today Lord.” He loves us unconditionally even when we stop talking to him for years, he continues to love us when we curse him for the hardships we have to endure, he loves us even when we stop doing his will and turn to other things to fill us up-Jesus remains there!

The lesson I learnt from Jesus is that only he is capable of loving unconditionally-only he has that kind of heart that pursues man even in the face of severe rejection. I also learnt that you can’t force someone to love you-you can only demonstrate that love and hope that they will see it and reciprocate it. He taught me as well to not base my love on someone else but rather to love people besides themselves-not to love because I am anticipating something back, but rather to just love because they need it. The Lord taught me to always remember that if I know my value in Him, if I know how priceless I am to him- I am able to love others without needing their affirmation.

Beloved-you may be stuck in a loveless relationship right now, you are considering divorce-you are considering separation. You are tired of holding onto to someone who doesn’t even acknowledge your presence, you are tired of trying to be the better person, you are tired of lying to people that you are happy when deep down you feel empty. You are tired of faking a happy marriage when you can see that this person’s heart is nowhere near you. Maybe you have even been deceived into thinking by being with someone else things will be better-maybe you have even indulged and broken the vows of your marriage.

I understand your pain

But, you need to acknowledge your actions and realise that because you never knew the love of your first Husband-you went and looked for a second-hand type of love. You need to understand that desperation will lead to to make costly mistakes that you will later regret. Beloved, in as much as you may want that divorce, the truth is no one can love you better than Jesus, if you don’t know that kind of love-you will find yourself in your second, third even fourth marriage and you will find yourself cheating in between because you want to be loved.

We cheat on the Lord because we trade in His love for the superficial things of this world. I love my husband not because he loves me back, but I am able to love him because I know of a greater love than his. My husband may disappoint  me at times-but I always know who to run to in moments like that, I run to my first love-Jesus. It’s easier to love my husband because he loves me back but when I made my vows I chose to love him even if he might decide one day not love me back. It sounds crazy but what I’m saying is that the love I know the Lord has for me makes me able to love despite what others may do to me.

I’m not saying get divorced, and I am also not saying stay. I am saying stop the cycle of thinking a human being can love you the way you deserve to be loved-yes, some people may try but it’s never 100 percent, there comes a point where they may fail you. You have failed your children haven’t you? It’s not that you wanted to, but you are human-it happens.

Know the Love of Christ first-it’s complete! It fulfills our entire being. It transcends what anyone can ever give you. Run to him with open arms-he has been waiting to shower you with the love that your soul has been longing  for-he wants to drench you with his love-he want to shower you with praise. He wants to show you off to all the world, replenish your weary soul- he wants to love you back!

You belong to Him.


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Lessons I Have learnt whilst married

The ideas I thought I had about marriage were squashed quite quickly and instead reality set in for me-the reality was that every decision you make will always ultimately affect the other person. My husband knows the love I have for shoes-I have had to spend less money on shoes in order to focus on building what we BOTH want to achieve!

Marriage will cost you something– it cost me my selfishness! In order to make marriage work ,you are constantly giving and taking, you are constantly making decisions that’ll affect the other person even when you are alone.

A marriage without Jesus is doomed ,I have told on my husband to God multiple times and you know what-God has helped me out in moments I have felt overwhelmed by his actions. I have asked for wisdom from God in order to help me understand my husband better-I mean who better to ask than the Creator himself. In areas that my husband has fallen short-God is able to bring comfort and reassurance. My relationship with Jesus has grown stronger because I realise that He is my first husband, He is always reliable, always perfect and always loving-so if my husband falls short in an area I am able to love him unconditionally because I know that Jesus has given me the grace to be what he may have lacked to give me.

Comparing your marriage to others will create feelings of insecurity. Our marriage is unique because it has two unique people in it. We do things the way we do because it makes sense to us and we have agreed to do things that way. My husband enjoys washing dishes-I enjoy cooking, we have an agreement that he washes and I cook-there’s peace and harmony; some marriages the man won’t be caught dead in the kitchen-whilst that works for that couple-we embrace what works for us.

I have learnt to be a cheerleader! I haven’t bought the full attire, however I have learnt to cheer loudly and proudly! Marriage has two people involved who ultimately rely on each other to grow-I have learnt that when I stop affirming my husband, when I stop praising him in his accomplishments-he doesn’t feel like he has achieved much because his better half hasn’t acknowledged him. I have learnt to sit in the front lines and cheer him on because that is essentially how I see him grow.

I enjoy being a homemaker! I have come to enjoy making the house look and feel nice and clean, I enjoy cooking hearty meals and I love serving him! I didn’t wake up like this, but I sure learnt to be like this because I saw how excited he became every time he saw how the house looked and the warm meals that I had prepared.

The marriage you want to see is what you give. I have learnt that if I start slacking in loving my husband, things don’t move well between us. Marriage is work, it’s a choice to keep loving the person you are with better than you did yesterday. Marriage requires a fully committed heart-you have to be sold out to it, you can’t be double-minded about it

When the going gets tough-there are no exit strategies! We face each other-be it in silence or with cold stares until the matter gets resolved with true repentance and forgiveness. Just as side note-we had a disagreement with my husband the one time and he was like I’m sleeping on the couch! I was so taken aback by this statement because he has never said this before-I mean when we have disagreements we will still sleep in one bed-anyway, so he says this and I went to our bedroom in shock, then I was like-oh no he didn’t just say that, I went back out and said if you sleep on the couch-let it be forever, I never signed up to sleep on a bed alone! The night ended in laughter and my bed was occupied by its rightful owner-see, no exit strategies!